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Welcome to Calvert County Public Schools online application system for Student Transfer Requests.

All requests will be checked for accuracy. Any falsification of information may result in your request not being processed and/or denied.  

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Information for Student Transfer Applications:

Procedures on Student Transfers

Each student in the Calvert County Public School System is expected to attend the school designated for the geographic attendance area in which he/she resides. Student transfers requested by a parent or legal guardian will be considered if the circumstance meets at least one of the provisions outlined in these procedures and if the school being requested is not closed to out-of-district transfers. The student transfer policy and procedures are available at all schools, the Board of Education, and on the Calvert County Public Schools’ website: All forms are available at the schools and the Department of Student Services.

A summary of the procedures follows:

  1. Reasons for Student Transfers.
    1. Course of Study. Students who require a course of study for graduation or a co-curricular activity not offered in his/her home school may request a transfer. Co-curricular activities are defined as activities where after school responsibilities must be fulfilled in order to receive in-class credit for the class/course. Parents/guardians must first make their request known to the home school principal and thoroughly investigate alternative ways to meet the course requirement.
    2. Child Care. Parents/guardians of students in grades K-8 may request a transfer if the student requires child care due to the parents’ employment schedule or full-time academic schedule. Parents/guardians will be required to provide proof of employment or full-time student status which does not allow them to be home during the bus window in order to qualify under this provision. These requests must be accompanied with documentation from the child care provider including the address, location, phone number, and license number (if there is one) of the child care provider. If a change in the child’s child care provider occurs during the school year, the parent/guardian must submit a new student transfer request with updated information and the required signatures.
    3. Health-Related Needs. Parents/guardians may request a student transfer to a school outside the geographic attendance area when a documented chronic health condition would be severely compromised due to continued attendance in the assigned school. Requests for student transfers under this provision will only be considered when a Treatment Plan Form is completed by a physician or a psychiatrist and submitted to Student Services along with the Transfer Request Form (these forms are available in each school’s guidance office). The Student Services Team will periodically review the status of the student’s chronic health condition during the school year to determine whether to continue the out-of-district transfer.
    4. Employee Circumstances. A CCPS employee who is a legal resident of Calvert County may request a student transfer for his or her child to the school that the employee is assigned. In the event that the school/grade level is closed, the transfer will be denied. If the employee has an elementary or middle school aged child and is assigned to a work location that does not service that child’s grade level, the employee may request a student transfer to the elementary or middle school designated for the employee’s work location. Annually, the Superintendent or designee shall designate the schools to which employees may request student transfers under this “employee circumstance” provision. The designation will be based on the school’s proximity to the work location. In no case will employees have more than one school option. Employees must have their building supervisor sign the Verification of Employment Form.
    5. Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) – Title I Transfer Option. – governed by policy 3920.
  2. Timeline. Requests for student transfers must be received in the Department of Student Services on or before February 15th (grades 1 - 12) – If this date falls on a weekend, transfers will be due the following Monday. Request made after this date may not be considered.
  3. Transportation. Transportation is the responsibility of the parent/guardian of the student receiving the transfer unless the student is approved for a transfer for Child Care and public school transportation is provided from the approved provider’s location.
  4. Revocations. An out-of-district transfer is a privilege, not a right, and may be revoked upon recommendation of the out-of-district principal of the current school and the pupil personnel worker of the school when the child’s attendance, behavior, or grades are unsatisfactory; the child no longer meets the out-of-district transfer criteria; falsification of information provided on the application is verified; and/or when a parent consistently refuses to respond in a timely manner to administrators or staff members.
  5. Appeals. – Refer to Policy 1600 Regarding Appeals.

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